Today’s cars have evolved and so have their alternators. Most of these new cars are equipped with PCM/ECM controlled voltage regulators that require OEM replacements for them to work correctly.

We stock those parts and all of our alternators are rebuilt from O.E. cores, that are rebuilt & restored completely. These cores are disassembled, cleaned and inspected to achieve the best quality workmanship.

We always install new brushes and bearings. The reason is to avoid your rebuilt alternator from being one of those noisy and squeaky vehicles you sometimes see on the road. Voltage regulators that are replaced are from the best components available. We know what weakness that are in today’s alternators and replace those with heavy-duty components, better than OEM nothing is overlooked.

Most new alternators are equipped with O.A.D. de-coupler or clutch style pulleys, these reduce vibration and noise in the engine and also increase MPG. Pulley’s must also be replaced when installing an alternator, don’t be fooled by what others who say “you don’t need it”. Failure to install, can lead to a reduced life of the alternator or other drive line components that are not designed for the higher loads and vibration. Here at T & M Auto Electric we only use new OEM pulleys by the manufactures that produce them.